777 hypercar is the result of excellent collaborations: engineered by Dallara, powered by Gibson and styled by Umberto Palermo Design. 777 hypercar is at the top for performance thanks to an FIA-homologated carbon monocoque, sophisticated aerodynamics developed by Dallara, which generate an incredible downforce of 2,100 kg at a speed of 370 km / h, an extremely low weight of only 900 kg, and a lateral acceleration from of 4 g that keeps the car literally glued to the asphalt. The engine is a naturally aspirated V8, 4,500 cc of displacement, which develops 800 hp at 9,000 rpm, powered by synthetic fuels.

777 hypercar is the result of what the most advanced and innovative automotive engineering has to offer: a model not designed to race, but to offer private customers a very high performance hypercar for exclusive use on the track, inspired by endurance models but developed without having to comply with any type of technical regulation. The estimated lap time for the 777 hypercar at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza is 1 minute and 33 seconds.



The seven examples produced of the 777 hypercar will be sold for 7 million euros each, transporting the owners to an elite club that provides dedicated technical and physical training, so as to be ready to withstand the incredible lateral acceleration. The seven examples of the 777 hypercar will always be kept by the manufacturer in what is the home of 777 Motors, that is inside the Monza circuit. And right here, the seven owners will be able to take to the track whenever they want and participate in exclusive events tailored to them throughout the year.

The delivery of the seven 777 hypercars will begin in 2025.


The partnership with Dallara and Gibson Technology

The carbon fibre monocoque chassis, the engineering and the aerodynamics are designed and developed in collaboration with Dallara and contain the weight of the 777 hypercar at just 900 kg.

Powering the 777 hypercar will be the naturally aspirated 4.5-litre V8 Gibson Technology engine, with a power output of 800 hp at 9,000 rpm, which won the 6 Hours of Monza round of the FIA World Endurance Championship in 2022.

Brakes, suspension and gearbox are made of racing components and can count on the long and successful experience of the partners in the most important endurance races, such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the 24 Hours of Daytona.


No hybrid unit is envisaged, as the pursuit of weight reduction is the primary objective: the 777 hypercar will be powered by synthetic fuels and this will help to reduce CO² emissions by 65%, but without losing anything in terms of performance and without sacrificing the incredible sound that only a naturally aspirated 9,000 rpm V8 can give.

The design of the 777 hypercar comes from the pencil of Umberto Palermo, a designer who has a particular bond with Monza, having started his artistic studies here, before creating Up Design in Turin.


Sparco will be a partner in the 777 hypercar project for the identification of cutting-edge solutions in the field of driver and car safety. The car will in fact be equipped with safety harness, seats and specific solutions deriving from the experience of Formula 1. Sparco will also supply the complete racing KIT consisting of race suit, gloves and customized shoes of the highest level.

Stilo, leader in the production of helmets for every category of motorsport, thanks to its experience in Formula 1, will supply the helmet, which becomes an element of performance by combining maximum lightness, technology and innovation. The helmet will also allow communication between the driver, engineers and mechanics of the 777 hypercar who will follow the car from the pits and control room, via a dedicated integrated radio kit.


777 A.I. Racing Virtual Coaching

777 hypercar is equipped with a refined and technological telemetry system, characterized by the presence of artificial intelligence, which takes the name of 777 A.I. Racing Virtual Coaching.

777 A.I. Racing Virtual Coaching is an instantly displayed telemetry system that allows the pilot engaged on the track to have in real time a viewing of the main parameters of the car's performance used on the track and to compare them with the data of a reference time that can be pre-set. This positive or negative comparison constitutes a rapid, higher and more scientific learning system for the pilot than a tutoring and indications provided by a human coach.

The parameters are visible in seven large monitors surrounding the cockpit and are managed by a processor, managed in turn by artificial intelligence, which depending on the circuit shows the comparison data necessary at every moment of the ride on the track at that precise instant .


An immersive experience with the 777 hypercar

The Autodromo Nazionale Monza will be the home of the 777 hypercar and its owners: dedicated and exclusive track test days will be organized for them, with the 777 Motors engineering team helping them to fully harness the potential of the single-seater car. Each performance will be promptly recorded using telemetry and the most advanced measurement systems and owners will be able to view the entire test session from the control room also used for Formula 1 races, so as to be able to better interact with the engineers in the debriefing phase.


With Dallara, 777 Motors is working also on a professional dynamic simulator, equipped with the same steering wheel and seat as the 777 hypercar, with remote tutoring of the training sessions by Team 777 Motors.

It is the Tech & Sym professional Gt motion simulator, a platform completely designed and produced in Italy. The Gt motion simulator is based on a carbon fiber chassis engineered by Dallara and is able to match the 777 hypercar behavior through various devices, among which active seal belts, a 3 degrees of freedom motion system, customizable seat and steering wheel; this setup provides an accurate replica of the forces applied on driver and car body during the race, with a signature responsiveness.


Owners of the 777 hypercar will immediately have the opportunity to train like real professional racing drivers thanks to the individual high-performance training program that involves the use of the Dallara Driving Simulator at Varano de’ Melegari (Italy) or Indianapolis (USA), which is the simulator normally reserved for drivers who race in Formula 1, IndyCar and in endurance races.

Enthusiastic visitors to the Autodromo Nazionale Monza will be able to admire the 777 hypercar every day: from spring 2023, in fact, the first prototype will be permanently exhibited in the 777 Motors headquarters, a few meters from the statue of Juan Manuel Fangio and from the entrance to the track. On the occasion of the Monza Grand Prix, the 777 hypercar models will take centre stage, exhibited on a car display in front of the venue which for the occasion will become an exclusive lounge for the owners and their guests.

777 hypercar Technical Specs

Headquarters: Autodromo Nazionale Monza, the Temple of Speed

Chassis: FIA-homologated carbon monocoque

Engine: 8 V-cylinders

Displacement: 4,500 cc

Power: 800 hp at 9,000 rpm

Top speed: 370 km / h.

Weight: 900 kg

Lateral acceleration: 3.5 / 4.0 g.

Downforce: 2,100 kg at 370 km / h

Monza lap time: 1m33s

Limited edition of seven units

Price: 7 million euros

Delivery: from 2025


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